March 03, 2023 at 11:11PM

Trying a new sort of prompt for season 3 of the Mandalorian

Prompt –

(extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), movie poster of elite (Beskar Steel pattern:1.6) intricate armor mandalorian in a battle stance, professional majestic oil painting, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, by midjourney and greg rutkowski, realism, beautiful and detailed lighting, shadows,

Negative prompt: western, cowboys, hat, disfigured, kitsch, ugly, oversaturated, grain, low-res, Deformed, blurry, bad anatomy, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, extra limb, ugly, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, blurry, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, malformed hands, blur, out of focus, long neck, long body, ugly, disgusting, poorly drawn, childish, mutilated, , mangled, old, surreal, text

#mandolorian #aiart #diffusion


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