Dispatches from the land of smithy 2

March 14th, 2023

My dearest journal,

As I sit down to pen this letter, my thoughts turn to our impending move to a new town. A town where whispers of strange occurrences and ghostly apparitions fill the air. Where some claim to have seen eerie sights near locations such as the old theater and a local cemetery.

I must confess that I am filled with both excitement and trepidation at the thought of our new adventure. The past has left an indelible mark on this land; it is not difficult to imagine that restless souls might still linger.

But I take solace in knowing that we will embark on this new chapter together. I pray that our journey will be smooth and that we will soon find ourselves settled in our new home.

Until Later, dear journal. 

Dispatches from the land of Smithy, prelude one

Even if we are on schedule, who knows when we will get there?

In just a few short weeks we will be relocating to our new home. We have visited this place before and our memories fill us with excitement.

We are still in the midst of preparations. There is much to do before we are ready to leave behind all that is familiar and start anew in this land that has captured our hearts.

The anticipation is building. We are eager to return and explore this place once again. The trees reach towards the sky and the air is crisp. We remember being surrounded by the sounds of nature at every turn.

As I sit here in contemplation, I reflect on all that lies ahead. It will be a challenging transition but I am grateful for the support of my fellow travelers.

We will face many obstacles as we settle into our new home but we will also experience moments of great beauty and wonder. This land holds many surprises and I am eager to discover them all.

Soon, we will begin our new life in this place that has captured our hearts. The future is uncertain but I am filled with hope and determination.

We get there when we get there.

March 14, 2023 at 11:13AM

Smithy is an aquatic cryptid that is rumored to live in Smith Mountain Lake – a large reservoir created in the central highlands of Virginia in the United States by the damming of the Roanoke River in 1963. The first reported sightings of Smithy began in the summer of 1979. With few exceptions, most reported sightings have occurred very near the Smith Mountain Dam, either shortly after the warning alarms were sounded to signal the periodic activation of the dam’s hydroelectric turbines, or while the turbines were running. While some locals speculate Smithy is an unusually large catfish, some sightings suggest this mysterious creature is more serpentine or reptilian humanoid in appearance.

(Possibly a relation to Harold, here? Maybe one of Chessie’s cousins, like a mini loch ness critter?)

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Liked on YouTube: Fallout 76 Just Teased 7 NEW CRYPTIDS! | Fallout 76 Lore

The Season 12 scoreboard tells a story. Taking a closer look at the illustrations, cards and figurines a variety of different cryptids can be seen.

Traditional representations of existing creatures we can find ingame but some completely new ones as well. And at least one of these was introduced as a new random encounter.

In today’s video we are investigating what each of these represents and exploring the real life sightings that inspired them.

Before listening to some new unique dialogue that actually hints that some do already exist in Appalachia and.. could be future cryptids coming to Fallout 76!

Lets get started!

– https://youtu.be/-EXwphQYxOo

Thumbnail artwork – https://bit.ly/3mST9wB

00:00​ Introduction
00:47 Overview
01:15 Ogua
01:59 Snallygaster
02:40 Flatwoods Monster
03:24 Kentucky Wolfman
03:51 Indrid Cold: The Smiling Man
05:27 The Greenbriar Ghost
06:13 The Veggieman
07:15 Squonk
08:02 Jersey Devil
09:06 Thunderbird
10:27 Final Thoughts


Epidemic Sound

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March 14, 2023 at 09:56AM

Anyone want some Spider-man stew? It is surprisingly spicy for a kid from Queens. It is pretty good, mostly leg and backside meat, but there is some fist and bicep in there too.

Got to do something with the leftover bits. I would guess that Dr. Connors would have a decent use for the leftovers.

No point in wasting unfinished resources!

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