Dispatches from the land of Smithy, prelude one

Even if we are on schedule, who knows when we will get there?

In just a few short weeks we will be relocating to our new home. We have visited this place before and our memories fill us with excitement.

We are still in the midst of preparations. There is much to do before we are ready to leave behind all that is familiar and start anew in this land that has captured our hearts.

The anticipation is building. We are eager to return and explore this place once again. The trees reach towards the sky and the air is crisp. We remember being surrounded by the sounds of nature at every turn.

As I sit here in contemplation, I reflect on all that lies ahead. It will be a challenging transition but I am grateful for the support of my fellow travelers.

We will face many obstacles as we settle into our new home but we will also experience moments of great beauty and wonder. This land holds many surprises and I am eager to discover them all.

Soon, we will begin our new life in this place that has captured our hearts. The future is uncertain but I am filled with hope and determination.

We get there when we get there.

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