Liked on YouTube: Meshroom: 3D models from photos using free photogrammetry software

Meshroom turns photographs into 3D models using a process called photogrammetry. This video provides a couple of demonstrations, including clean-up of the final output in Meshmixer for render or 3D print.

Meshroom can be downloaded from the AliceVision website here:

And it has a great manual (including a beginners tutorial) here:

Information on “Draft Meshing” – which allows Meshroom to be used without an NVIDIA GPU, is here:

Meshmixer can be downloaded from:

My previous video in which used AutoDesk 123D Catch to turn the wooden elephant into a 3D model is here: – However, note that this is now an historical curiosity, as 123D Catch required a connection to cloud resources. So even if you could obtain a copy of the program, it would no longer work. Today, Meshroom really is the way to go.

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00:00 Introduction
01:06 Getting Meshroom
03:44 Elephant Demo
11:00 Meshmixer
13:06 On Location (2nd demo)
15:14 Lion Extraction
19:54 3D Print
21:01 Wrap

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