March 15, 2023 at 06:23PM

Social Isolation Day 1097

Today’s safari was fruitful. I spotted multiple squirrels and an assortment of grackles. A bluebird or two graced me with their presence as well. I also saw a couple of humans walking about, though I made sure to keep a safe distance from them.

It was a pleasant day spent observing the critters that call this place home. Each one going about their business, unaware of the world beyond the bog.

The swamp walk was a brisk one. The mid-40s Fahrenheit temperature kept things cool, though at times I found myself too warm for my light jacket and yet too chilly in the shade to go without. The sky was overcast with occasional glimpses of the sun peeking through.

My sojourn was brief. In addition to my usual promenade through the swamp, I found myself on litter patrol. The wind had scattered an array of recyclables from the neighborhood into our yard and around our home. I dutifully collected each piece, restoring some small amount of order to the landscape.

Also enclosed are a couple of cute pictures of Pearl and a not so cute home for sale next to a neighbor with a confederate flag. I wonder if that scrap of cloth will help or hurt the possibility of sale? Depends on the buyer, I suppose. I don’t think I want to know anyone that is interested in having that nonsense next door.

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