May 04, 2023 at 02:01PM

Today was a terrifying experience. I discovered that a group of hooded figures had infiltrated my neighborhood, and they were conducting sinister activities under the cover of night. Their true purpose was shrouded in mystery, but their devotion to their unknown cause was chilling.

I witnessed their disturbing rituals, which included chanting and the sacrifice of small animals. They had even erected a statue to their unwitting figurehead, Scottobear, which they worshipped with an unsettling fervor.

I knew I had to act fast before their dark influence spread any further. With a sense of dread, I gathered some supplies, including a few pyrotechnics, and waited for the right moment. When the cultists gathered to perform another ceremony around the statue, I made my move.

As I destroyed the statue with all speed, the cult’s cries of rage and despair filled the air. Their wrathful eyes bore into me, and I could sense their unbridled hatred for me. Though they were taken into custody, I knew in my bones that this was not the end. Their presence would linger, and their vengeance would be brutal.

Today was a chilling reminder that darkness lurks in the shadows, waiting to consume the unsuspecting. I hope that I can find the strength to withstand the looming threat of the hooded ones, for their insidious agenda will not be silenced easily.

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