We gotta get out of this place…

The day was hot and heavy with the weight of boxes. I packed and moved them from my office, my bedroom and closets. The sweat dripped down my face as I struggled with the load. The boxes seemed to multiply as I worked, their contents a mystery to me. I wondered what secrets they held, what memories they contained.

My in-laws and wife were there to help me with the packing and moving, which made the task a little easier. We took a break for lunch and had some delicious veggie sausages. They were savory and satisfying, the perfect fuel for the rest of the day’s work.

The sun beat down on us mercilessly as we carried on with our task. The world was a blur of heat and dust, the sky a hazy blue. I felt as though I were in a dream, a nightmare from which I could not wake.

But still we carried on, driven by some unknown force. The boxes grew heavier with each step, their weight dragging us down into the earth. And yet we could not stop, could not rest.

For there was something inside us that would not let us rest until the task was done. Something dark and terrible that whispered in our ears, urging us on. And so we carried on, through the heat and the dust and the pain.

And yet still there are boxes left to pack and move, and the house is not yet empty. But we will carry on until it is done.

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