Day 11, webs

Day 11, webs

#The draft that I scrapped, after trying to do more shading and stuff.

I think I like the other one more overall, but maybe I should have kept the wrapped skellies rather than dropped bones? I think the hairy black spider is scarier than the albino white one.

Day 11 – web

A staple of fantasy literature and RPGs, giant, hairy spiders were generally one of my favorite side stories along the way of a quest. More frightening to me was that they are generally intelligent and capable of communicating with the sentient creatures they are about to eat. Generally, there is a smart big mama spider, the size of a SUV, and a horde of babies ranging in size from a baseball to a large dog.

Having to talk or fight your way out of being a meal is a nice underboss situation before getting some interesting treasure from the remains of a less fortunate adventurer, or at least spider venom to sell in town to potion makers (or if you are particularly anti-heroic, coat your weapon for future fights)

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