Thanksgiving in a week

The family

So, what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving next week? (Or if not part of that holiday, whatcha up to next Thursday?)

Inlaws are in town, so I’ve been running around a little bit, getting some last minute hubbub taken care of before they come over. A little vacuum, a little car wash, taking recycling to the center.

Current doodle : just a little stream of thought regarding the coming holiday. I am guessing the fire we are all staring at will be the Virginia Tech game or the fireplace and that the food will be delicious. I got a digital antenna but I expect we are more likely to watch the game on ESPN. I was surprised to see how many channels we can pick up! We are set, in case the internet goes down but want to watch local TV (or weird old episodes of murder she wrote, or QVC….)

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