Day 20,188

No dice seeing any more Aurora activity last night, but we did go out for an after-leftover-dinner ice cream date (I had a brownie bits Blizzard, and @maximillian_deersteak had a birthday cake-dip cone), and on the way we spotted a young raccoon considering a street crossing, but who thought better of it when it saw our headlights. Our ice cream run was rather strenuous, as the froyo joint we go to was pretty busy for Saturday night, as was blue cow. Third place was the charm, though. Thanks, Dairy Queen!

Hopefully, we will get another chance to view Aurora sometime soon… if not here, then maybe on a trip to Iceland someday? It’s already on our travel go-to list.

#doodle #raccoon #duckdate #backyardzoo #auroraborealis

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