You know what I think would be keen? If right in the middle of the Lord of the Rings movie, Skeletor and Hordak suddenly attacked… and then the Masters of the Universe had to come in and save all those hobbits’ sorry butts.

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Comparative/ progressive mythology

In the course of studying up on all things reptilian I was looking up the Hopi legends of Lizard People.

The Hopi are thought to be descendants of the mysterious Anasazi people. Among the more advanced Native Americans, they were also builders of Pueblos.

They believe that as a people, they migrated from a series of previously-extant “worlds,” usually interpreted as “ages” or “epochs;” but these are also seen as subsequent cavern-worlds, each one lower than the next, each one eventually abandoned and destroyed in turn.

This seems to link with K’n-Yan of the red- and blue-lit caverns. Well, the Serpent People also have a history in K’n-Yan, where they dabbled in biotech and created new life forms to serve them.

According to Hopi legend, around 3,000 B.C. after a fire or meteor (or war?) nearly destroyed the Lizard People, they built three undergound cities along the Pacific coast. The capitol city was built under what is now Los Angeles, another was built under Mount Shasta. No one knows where the third one is.

OK, so far we have Serpent People underground in Oklahoma in the multi-level city of K’n-Yan. They experimented with genetics and produced servitor races. They also, naturally, kept up with their sorcery.

But, Serpent People didn’t start out in K’n-Yan, they moved there from Valusia when their previous empire receded. This is not to say that there were no Serpent People already on the continent. Let’s say that there were already Serpent People on the frontier, the empire of the Serpent People was at one time the dominant race on Earth and there is nothing that says they didn’t have colonies and plenty of indications that they would. So, let’s postulate a Serpent People colony in the American Southwest, and as the empire collapsed those that could moved to the frontier and took over K’n-Yan.

The Lizard People (let’s make that distinction; Serpent People from the old empire in K’n-Yan, New World Lizard People on the surface) on the surface got peppered with meteors or flying polyps or something and decided to make some bomb shelters, so they move west and do so.

Now, let’s look at some Serpent People on another continent. In India there are legends of the Nagas, a race of serpent-people or lizard-men who make their homes in two major underground cities (or civilizations) named Patala and Bhogavati. Bhogavati is said to be under the Himalayas. The Well of Sheshna in Benares (and read up on that city some time) is said to contain an entrance to Patala.

The Nagas are described as a very advanced race, with a highly-developed technology. Now, here’s where the gun starts smokin’. Nagas are said to abduct and interbreed with human beings, and this interbreeding has led to a wide variety of forms, ranging from completely reptilian to nearly human in appearance.

It gets better. Legends say they fly disk-shaped aerial craft called “vimana.” These craft are described at length in many ancient Vedic texts, including the Bhagivad-gita and the Ramayana. They are also said to possess “death rays.”

OK, ready?

Newspaper accounts in the state of New Mexico in the years before the beginning of World War II indicated that the Germans were “all over” the state exploring caves and mines, buying up land, and engaging in other activities suggestive that they were preparing for something big. There is a very famous cave complex in New Mexico called Dulce. Heard of it?

Now, Mi-Go have been here for awhile. They cultivate isolated groups of people to dink with and to provide protection for their mining operations.

Since the Mi-Go arrived some time during the Jurassic period, the isolated groups of people they would have dealt with would include Serpent People.

It’s beginning to look as if the Grey facade was inspired by Nagas and their flying saucers, or Serpent People were working for Mi-Go and using Mi-Go equipment. Perhaps it also explains some other flying disks with swastikas on them. Greys could be clones of Nagahuman hybrids. The glyphs in the Bucket might be Serpent tech rather than Mi-Go tech.

What do you think, sirs?