This is the best thing I’ve read in a newspaper in a very long time.

tonight’s read – The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers… pulled it out, rearranging my books… I really enjoy Tim Powers’ stuff, good mental popcorn, and a nice writing style. I mean, how can you not like this cover text:

“An ancient Egyptian sorcerer whose powerful magic can change the history of the entire world!
A modern millionaire with a sinister plan who journeys back to England in 1810!
A werewolf who switches bodies – then kills his victims to keep his identity a secret!
A hideously deformed clown of crime who performs grotesque experiments on his victims!
A brainwashed Lord Byron – programmed to kill King George!
A young woman disguised as a boy, hunting the thing that killed her lover!
And our hero, Professor Brendan Doyle, who has no idea what he is getting into when he agrees to give a lecture on Samuel Taylor Coleridge…”

Off to powder my brain. 🙂

I dreamt that my apartment was actually much bigger than I thought. It had at least 2 more rooms, and a nice view of a mountain (odd in Florida). One of the previously unnoticed rooms looked exactly like that of the back room at the library I used to work at, lockers and comfy chairs, and all. I’d still love to go by there an pick up the old contents.

It’s raining, closest to snow that I’ll get today… it’s a soothing sound, bringing to mind comforting thoughts of relaxing at home, snuggled up with my sweetie under soft covers, just listening to the water hitting the glass, and taking in each other’s scent. Drawing our cares away, just moments of bliss.

Newt likes his prezzies…I’m keeping mum about ’em, because a certain black cat got some similar ones… I don’t want to spoil the surprise…

Off to luxuriate in the rain sounds. 🙂

Note to self, get Dan the Lord of the Rings soundtrack for his b-day. (01/02/02), and take the Friday before my own dang birthday off. Hey, this year it’ll be 02/02/02, three twos, and I’ll turn 33… I’m sure some conspiracy numerologist can make something of that.