Wow.. what a groovy goodiebag from missv!!

A hand made washcloth was all I was expecting… but there were some newt-toys, a glow in the dark skull keychain, candy, cool danger stickers, a kazoo… Ahh.. wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Newt is currently wearing the cloth as a “horse blanket”, and I think it’d make a swell cape, too, should he decide to fight crime with Lucille. Warm, stylish, and easily cleaned. supa-Noot!

Thank you so much!

totally unrelated….

My poor little database program is growing by freaky leaps and bounds….the dang thing has swollen to four megs (from 35k), and that’s before the data is inserted… with data, it’s about 16 gig. waaaaaay tooo freaky big… but it loads quickly, and does what’s been asked of it, save for the three reports that I’m building now…. went from a simple 5 command interface to about 15 options with a bunch of sub-commands too… ack! My sweetheart compared it to the little monster you feed ONCE and only ONCE form the power puff girls… *grins*


Dr. Quinn, there’s a major leak in pod seven…

Good walkies… and freshly scrubbed. The walk was nice… refreshing. I pictured Pterodactyls fighting the Goodyear blimp… both of which have to team up to destroy the enemy Atlanteans riding up the coast in their seawater-filled bubble-cars, brandishing tridents and speaking in their dolphin-like nattering tongue. They can’t fool me. They don’t know, but we can take ’em, when it comes down to brass tacks.

Dogs know you’re a pod person… they *always* know. Fortunately, they’re in on the joke.

and now, we pull back, zooming over Florida, and retreating to an outside shot of a snow-globe, totally ripping off Citizen Kane, but with the sound of sizzling fajitas in the background…until later, dear journal.