laundry day!

Back from laundry… folding now.

the place was *empty*.. I guess everyone else had things to do. I want ot order takeout, but have too much food in the house to allow myself to do so. So, it’s going to be tasty stir-fry again. I’ll dig it, once the food is cooked, and in my belly.

Happy birthday, Apollo, god of music, healing, protection, scrying, men’s mysteries, victory, poetry, and fun.

On his birth at Delos, Apollo was acclaimed by all the gods and the island was covered with golden flowers and encircled with swans. As soon as he tasted the ambrosia of his nurse Themis, he suddenly grew to full youth and demanded a lyre and a bow. He announced that his fathers will would be presented to the world through his oracular lyric poetry. Apollo then began to play and to “step high and featly” as became his style of dance. Apollo’s temple was at Crisa below Mount Parnassus in Phocis.

When a man was suffering from a disease, blackthorn and laurel branches were hung on the door of this house because they took away the wicked spirits, made Apollo propitious and were also a sign in order to invite passers by not to clamor and not to disturb the sick people’s sleep.

back… we had juice and a little gab, but he had to take off to do laundry,a nd head back to his place. I should do mine, too.. but it’s a long weekend, and I desire lounge time. I’ll save it for Monday morning.

Woke up a little bit ago… brother called me up…we’re going to meet for breakfast at the grove in about a half hour. I should be back at the HQ by 12 or 12:30ish

and now, some scottobear lj poetry

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Back from brother’s… had a nice long talk with him… aspirations and ideas. He thinks we should be actors or at least extras in the “Hollywood of the South”, down in Miami where they make all sorts of movies. I think being an extra could be fun… and being a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild might be entertaining in it’s own right. I wouldn’t mind seeing my brother as the guy with a pool cue in a beer commercial, or myself as “evil crony #4”, the first henchman to be blown away in the latest cheese-ball action flick. I’m confident in my brother’s ability to take whatever challenges are in store for him, and to face ’em head on…. and to emerge victorious. He comes from good stock, y’know. We went as far as hopping online and getting the number for a few local agencies that had high reviews… He’ll be giving them a ring tomorrow to find out more about how do do such things…good vibes for that. He deals well with rejection and foolish egos, so acting just might be a real thing for him.

We also played a few PS2 samplers, (so many neat games out there) and watched the extras CD for fight club. We talked a little bit about computer animation, country joe and the fish, cracked wise and miscellaneous stuff… watched the tail end of a Clint Eastwood movie over pizza and cookies. (Pizza was Homemade by Mike, Bro’s roommate… whom he calls Chupacabra as a term of friendship, unlike my more demonized Chupa at work.)

Walking around the front of his apartment, we saw what was first thought to be a cat, until it climbed a tree, and we got a better look at its profile and head. A little raccoon lives nearby! Ever vigilant with my digital camera, I grabbed 2 shots… one zoomed, one not so much so, but you can see the eye flash in both.

Tucking in to bed, now, to join my beloved in dreamland… her hopefully pleasant sleeps already in progress.
Near and far pics of the raccoon we saw