Looking for the Spider-man opening credits, I found retromedia tv. (realplayer and a good, speedy net connect is recommended.)

This stuff added folds and wrinkles to my young, malleable mind. Who Needs drugs? Watch about 4 hours of tv from that period and you’ll be tripping harder than Timothy Leary at a Grateful Dead concert. Maybe they’ll add the Maude opening sometime.

Especially notable –

Keep America Beautiful, go bowling, just about everything on this page, and the partridge family. (I’ve *always* wanted that bus).

how I feel about a few lj’s I’ve seen out there… none I read regularly, but some I trip over here and again.

Well, on a nostalgic note, I go nigh nigh. Happy sleeps, dear journal.

loud neighbors next door
laughing, it sounds like good times
singing in spanish

roam to the mirror
wash my face before bedtime
my beard needs a trim

surprise gift from work
nice percussion and trumpets
new star wars soundtrack

Slept in this morning… the body asked, and I complied. Left over battery drain from stress on the weekend and early rising otherwise, plus a light rain and purr-monster made me decide that the course of action I was taking was all too sound. No decision at all really… you try fighting those odds.

Kev is contemplating letting the whole computer depatment all take a field trip to see the new Star Wars movie the day it comes out, r at the very least to let folks out early that day. We tried last time, but the then-boss said “No way, Jose”. Now that we’re ruled by a team of six, with Kevin at the tippy-top of the tech-zone, geekdom shall have it’s way if all things balance out (meaning no nasty hardware problems, or client reschedules we cant sneak around).

Digging my feet into php, and it’s connection to MySQL. Pretty snappy stuff, seems more handy than cold fusion.

Well, I’d better hop into mister shower and do some scrubbin’… I’m due at work in an hour. Until later, journal-gator.