before bed… nigh nigh, LJ.

Ugh…got a little note with my rent reciept today. I have to call my landlord’s realtor to schedule some walkthroughs of the place for potential buyers.

Invaders. Yech.

I have to be there when they come over… I can’t abide strangers in my living space while I’m away…or some dingaling realtor accidentally letting Newt out for “just a quick peek while he’s at work”. flipside, I don’t want strangers over while I’m home, either…. sucking up my precious free time.

I’m so very glad I’m outside the current LJ drama, whatever it is, wherever it is.

Well, that’s the whine side. /whine.

Up side, they took my snarling about notice, and are letting me schedule time with the realtor myself. Hmm… I have some advance notice to clean house then.

Going to try and get the video card / hard drive / modem / rest of it together tomorrow or friday, in time for the weekend. Bringing the big box home this weekend will give me even more incentive to straighten up the house with speed…. I’ll start cleaning the joint up tomorrow when I get home from work… maybe have the place in a reasonable semblance of order before the weekend. I’ve said it before…if I could invent one thing for myself, I think a “defrag” button for my living space might be it.

Newt’s being bonus lovey tonight… snuzzed up with my ankles right now. Looks like my beloved’s going to get some rest-time soon… good good!

I’ll play the list-quiz game, too…

WALLET: None… I fold my bills around my ID.
HAIR-BRUSH: Big, black with spiky bristles, and a few purple / green / hemp hair-ties around the handle
TOOTHBRUSH: Red, medium bristle strength
JEWELRY WORN DAILY: None, but I carry a few tokens with me. (Including a Newt-whisker, corner of a love letter’s envelope, and a froggy-bead)
PILLOW COVER: Marvel Comics Silver Surfer #1 print
BLANKET: White fuzzy, Blue Fuzzy, Brown Comforter
COFFEE CUP: I drink tea from a green slide-puzzle mug lately
SUNGLASSES: BluBlockers, when I remember ’em, or my Ben Franklins.
UNDERWEAR: Smiley Face Boxers
SHOES: Birkenstocks, but I’m barefoot right now.
KEYCHAIN: Epson printers promotional hooked to a blood donor chit.
COMPUTER: Worker Bee the laptop right now
FAVORITE TOP: Red / Black / Grey – tie/dye pirate skull T-Shirt
FAVORITE PANTS: White gi pants
SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: Suave right now, but usually Aussie
SOAP: Ivory
CD IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW: Staind – Break the Cycle (CD-drive)
CAR: Pontiac Taxicab Town Car
IN THE FRIDGE: All sorts o’ stuff…Random sample – Killian’s Red, Mott’s Cim-nim Applesauce, Tobasco w/ Garlic, Green Bell Pepper.
TELEVISION: Preferably through a tuner card. Currently – RCA/ black / 27″ showing insomniac
STEREO: Chex Mix, no components newer than 6 years old
TELEPHONE: black caller Id-with lighted red numbers
CELLPHONE: evil, I’ve not given in to them yet.

finger quiz