welp, I got my bike… it’s a nice, comfy 7-speed (the picture shows blue, but I got a silver one), with lights in the front and back… it should last me some years. I have to go register it at the police station on monday, even though I got a nice solid lock for it, too.

I made a boo-boo, and left my chatties online while I was gone… missed seeing my sweetie… I hope to catch her later today!

I’m going to hop in the shower, and then be back, dear journal.

A man crouched there on the fire escape, looking in through the glass and lace curtain. He was a thick-featured dark man whose size identified him as Ian McCracken. The muzzle of a big black automatic was touching the glass in front of him. He had tapped the glass with it to catch my attention.

He had my attention.