I’m going to go visit Danny again tomorrow while his wife is at church. Good deal all around…I’m going to have to rustle up a game to bring with me…usually we just chitty-chatty, but I figure he’d like a little strategic distraction, too… he’s getting a little punchy being stuck at the house for so long.

Playing cards, or maybe pocket chess. I wish I could find my brawl decks…it’s buried in one of the “unpack later” boxes.

I know! I think it’ll be a day for bitin’ off hedz , or orcs in the hood.

Looking forward to the visit, but not the location. Dan’s A/C is out. He’s got fans, but I’ll be getting out of the house just in time if I leave at about noonish. I should launch from here about 8am if I want to spend about three hours at his house.

I spent a little time working on the home page today… I think I have it sort of how I like it. A little more twisting and tweaking, and I’ll be happy, methinks. I have to hand draw more “signage” on my palm.

At some point, I’m going to have to dig up my ball cap, too… I’ve been getting a lot of sun lately, and don’t want to burn. I may have some of my sun block in the medicine cabinet, but I prefer not to use that stuff if a visor will do the trick…I don’t go in for the “war paint” look. (Well…not all the time, anyhow.) I’m a big wuss-boy about burns… I get SPF of at least 15, just in case.


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