I'm a very good man, just not a very good wizard.

oh, freakin’ neato!


paid users can now distribute themselves as an RSS feed.

how honking nifty is that?

also, the converse is true… I can link to deadjournal accounts! eesh… too big a list, mayhap. public only posts, too, because it won’t detect outside security. but now I can read slashdot and plastic from my lj… handeeeee!

here’s a breakdown of some of the uses – http://www.webreference.com/scripts/sidebar/

sweetalyssm‘s post about not having photographed lately (great manips, and a magnificent model…) reminded me that I’ve not done much with my art lately, either. I think I’m going to have to commit an hour a day to just producing some writing again… I got lazy, and fell a big chunk out of the habit. Maybe lunch hour, instead of reading.. not sure. Just programming and fooling around isn’t very productive.

Talked to the bro… he’s doing well except for him and the mother got into some sort of argument, but we may all three have dinner together tomorrow night after work. We’ll see how that takes off. I guess she brought some girl back with her from the last trip to brazil, and is letting her camp out on the couch until she can get on her feet.

Got him some ice cream and good conversation.. always a nice combo.

Is it me, or am I really seeing turquoise jewelry everywhere these days? And crochet string tops?

Also.. Amazon eez de debbil.

Books are hard enough to resist without all this other ease of use stuff! Get thee behind me, oh one-click!

That reminds me… don’t ask how…

I dreamt that my sweetheart’s cat kicked over my fridge to get at the goodies inside, and he was kind enough to share with Newt. We came home to find the appliance on its side, with the furry-boys lapping at the spilled milk within. They seemed quite proud.