two years ago, I was just ending my last RPG gaming groups, an alphabet of television, nice supper at hops, great freaky/creepy movies and net fibs.

one year ago – welcome to Autumn, poll about what you carry with, a haiku war, I’m an otter on the medicine wheel, troll’s so snoopy that she inspires a sign on the door, and a post of the Chupacabra song, missing my dad, wondering about Halloween costumes.

This year, I’m taking Thursday, 10/31 off, through Sunday, 11/3. four day weekend.

The Fort Lauderdale international Film Festival … I’ll indulge in some of that, surely.

Oct 30 – Nov 10 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival at Regal Las Olas… Just on the other side of that singing fountain. They also have some lovely photos of Las Olas. That’s the beach area I visit.

The sky, the sky beyond the door is blue.

Overextended myself on walkies last night… a little sore in my left flank. Had a long soak this morning… a little pre-emptive strike to fend off any potential yucko later.

Newt’s Sphynxing to my left.
He was looking mighty egyptian when it caught him.

Had tasty, soft, warm brownies last night. Yumma. Sliced nanner in oatmeal for breakfast.

Have Tremors on in the background… first TV on in a while. They’re going to show #2, and #3, afterward… I didn’t even know that there *was* a number three in the series. Plus, Fred Ward is one of my favorite dog-faced actors. Cast a Deadly Spell, Remo Williams. What’s not to like?

The first one is perfect for what it is… a classic, 50s style B-horror flick with an unseen monster, made in the 90s. #2 sort of blew it by showing the creatures so much… made them above grounders.

I’m so glad that I have a bathtub now…. a loooong hot soak while reading does wonders for the disposition.

I’ve got the urge to walk on the sidewalk inside the aforementioned Kinney tunnel, to take pictures. I wonder how heavy the exhaust is?

I can feel autumn’s arrival. My hair and nails grow more quickly now. The air is beginning thin; I sense that there may be a little crispness in the coming month or so. I can feel more creativity welling up… I think in the summer I was only at about 1/4 full. I’ve got to stop writing in the notebook, and get back to full-bore production on the laptop or desktop. I think I am going with my revised layout for the home page… I just have to make the .css it’s own file now (rather than embedded), and convert the pages over. Then I can change fonts, colors and shapes for everything all at once. Sticking to CSS1 though. Hopefully it won’t suck too badly on NS.

Behold! Sphincterine, a product promising to make you feel — and, presumably, taste — fresh “down there”. Naturally, you may purchase it on the web at Everybody’s talking about it! I don’t know who showed the link to me first. It’s not a joke…it’s real.

Pucker, the brown starfish. *Snerk*

Tomorrow, either before, or more likely, after work… I must get three birthday presents. Brother… perhaps I’ll give him $$…that’s his preferred gift. Kev, the thing video game, and some blank dvds to burn… Newt? A big cardboard box, full of paperwads and milk rings. šŸ™‚

100 words high school graduates should know. I confess that I didn’t know antebellum, evanescent, and quotidian… but I do now! Of the others, Iā€™m very fond of the words bellicose, chicanery, churlish and ziggurat. 97% is pretty good, I guess. I really *should’ve* known antebellum, though.

Join the collective unconscious, and help to develop an alphabet! Observe… the letter S.

Synchronicities.. my Best Male friends outside of work all have names that begin with ‘D’. Dave, Dan, Derek. The three persons I love most are all Librans. (Sweetheart, Newt, Brother)
I live in apartment #3…this is the third numbered apartment I’ve lived in. The first was #1, the second was #2.

recent keyword hits…


Dave beat me 2/3 games tonight… my necros vs his misc.

my Victory army was worms, mending priestess and troll guy unique vs his yellows. 200 points.

Current tally.

first call- Scotto/Dave/Scotto
second – Scotto/Scotto/Dave
Third – Dave/Dave/Scotto

I’m still ahead by one.

Heroclix – Scotto/Scotto/Dave
Scotto/Scotto/Scotto (vs Dan)

update 10/13/02 –

500 point game, Dave victory. Well done, pretty even
300 point game, my victory.. it was pretty much a landslide. He took out my one close-combat guy, and my ranged attacks finished him pretty quickly afterwards.