10191 – Friday

Seeking work – glad weather has cooled, so I can use the office in peace.

1 year ago  – epidural scheduled, dinner on porch, no Franklin, thrift clothes, tv
2 years ago – Shazam! haiku, earworms, Beheaded Bavarian in my family
3 years ago – losing weight, palm doodles, subway buskers, bluetooth, female health, restless sleep, clicks down, bro contact
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5 years ago – no eclipse, ed-mv/st, The end of Kim Possible, Newton-cat animation, FL sheriff abuse of power
6 years ago – Frog & manatee palm doodle, city of heroes goes to 3 servers, condos, recovery
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8 years ago – elephant armor, SOP
9 years ago – easter, usa backs out of kyoto protocol, bob ross, GiftiesGeotarget
10 years ago – first week of dating with april, H grumpy about my comments on relationship, rules of engagement with danny