December 09, 2022 at 01:28PM

Social distancing day #1001

Walked just to the swamp entrance again today, back, leg and shingles vaccine still taking a toll.

Weather is mild, mid 40s F, a little overcast but not terribly so. Sky is a mix of blue and gray, with the clouds being just vague delimiters.

Trees are mostly naked now, and I am looking forward to the addition of just enough snow to make things look clean and pretty, but not so much as to cause trouble for anyone.

#bogsafari – 7 squirrels, no neighborhood cats or dogs, only vehicles on the road were budget rent-a-vans, making Amazon deliveries. Looks like Mr W’s house sold already, at about 20% off what it was estimated to be worth. I wonder if they will raze it and build a new home or two on the double lot? The house across from his is still for sale, but it is considerably smaller and not much cheaper.

Mr. W’s house has a huge green dumpster parked in the driveway, and I think that they tossed a bunch of furniture in there. I hope that anything useful is going to the needy rather than the landfill. The house has a huge antenna on the side of it- I wonder if that will be trashed or kept? It would be a great ham radio grab.

Pearl is sitting on the couch and meowing lightly in her sleep. I wonder what is going on in her head right now. She has been playing with the bottom branches of the tree – I suspect baubles will have to be hung either carefully placed, or just the unbreakable with the lights.

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