Liked on YouTube: All of This AI News Is Getting Absolutely Crazy!

Today was another absolutely insane day in AI. We had news from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and NVIDIA today. And it’s only Tuesday!

Resources Mentioned:
– Runway Gen-2:
– Jensen Huang Keynote:
– Adobe Firefly:
– Bilawal on Twitter:
– Bing Create:
– Google Bard:
– Ben Tossell:
– Bill Gates Article:

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Runway Gen-2
1:45 NVIDIA Keynote
5:30 Adobe Firefly
10:26 Bing Chats Adds Images
13:26 Google Opens Bard
15:47 Bill Gates
16:35 Final Thoughts / Matt’s Rant
18:40 Future Tools

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