Liked on YouTube: How Did District 9’s VFX Look SO GOOD?

Despite its cripplingly low budget of only 30 million dollars, District 9 was the first film of its kind – Having mind blowing visual effects – which ranged from full CG characters to dynamic weapon effects.

However, with District 9 coming out in 2009 – it meant that the film always existed in the shadow of another major CGI film release that Year: 2009’s Avatar, by James Camereon.

With Avatar being a Goliath success; District 9’s incredible CG and VFX achievements were largely passed over and the film was never given the praise it deserved for changing the way Hollywood approaches its VFX production.

So, with the release of Avatar 2, I thought it was time that we cast a light back on District 9 and explored exactly why this film looks so good, how it did it on such a limited budget, and how it influenced the next decade of VFX.

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