May 18, 2023 at 04:04PM

The Roanoke River beckoned, and with Sisto by my side, I ventured along its tranquil Greenway. The gentle breeze embraced us as we reached the river’s edge, carrying the scents of wildflowers and untamed waters. The sky stretched above, a serene expanse of blue adorned with wisps of cotton-like clouds.

The river flowed with graceful determination, reflecting the vibrant landscape that lined its banks. Mallard ducks and Canada geese accompanied us, gliding through the water’s surface with elegance. Their calls merged with the rustling leaves, forming a harmonious symphony of nature.

As we strolled, nature’s melody embraced us—the rustle of leaves, the birds’ songs, and the gentle lapping of the river. In this realm, time seemed to slow, and we found solace in the present moment. The coexistence of water and land, exemplified by the waterfowl’s dance, reminded us of the delicate balance of life.

With a renewed sense of peace, we bid farewell to this serene sanctuary. The Roanoke River had granted us respite from the world’s chaos, reminding us to find serenity in the simplicity of existence.

Until we meet again, Harold

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