Liked on YouTube: GPT 4 Can Improve Itself – (ft. Reflexion, HuggingGPT, Bard Upgrade and much more)

GPT 4 can self-correct and improve itself. With exclusive discussions with the lead author of the Reflexions paper, I show how significant this will be across a variety of tasks, and how you can benefit.

I go on to lay out an accelerating trend of self-improvement and tool use, laid out by Karpathy, and cover papers such as Dera, Language Models Can Solve Computer Tasks and TaskMatrix, all released in the last few days.

I also showcase HuggingGPT, a model that harnesses Hugging Face and which I argue could be as significant a breakthrough as Reflexions. I show examples of multi-model use, and even how it might soon be applied to text-to-video and CGI editing (guest-starring Wonder Studio). I discuss how language models are now generating their own data and feedback, needing far fewer human expert demonstrations. Ilya Sutskever weighs in, and I end by discussing how AI is even improving its own hardware and facilitating commercial pressure that has driven Google to upgrade Bard using PaLM.

Reflexion Results:
Karpathy Tweet:
Reflexion GPT 4 Post:
Reflexion paper:
Sparks Report:
GPT 4 Technical Report:
DERA Dialogue:
Language Models Can Solve Computer Tasks:
TaskMatrix Paper:
Language Models Can Self-Improve:
Wonder Studio:
Alpaca Paper:
Ilya Interview:
Reuters Nvidia:
Bard Upgrade:

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