Painted pig update

Did I miss a pig paint? It looks like there is a darker undercoat that I didn’t see last time, but the painters may have covered it with black before giving it a coat of pink and then writing on it on gold.

I really can’t make out what the gold markings say, if anything. As some small form of compensation to myself and and anyone following the pig, I include a smiley face drawn on the pavement nearby, and a sort of long distance shot from the stoplight.

It looks like the merchantile is about moved into the shop, I wonder when it will open up?

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Walkies Sept 7, 2023

Social isolation day #1273
New residence day #150
Days until Autumn – 15

Hey Donald, Duck!

Gentle walk today, feeling rough, but trying to get moving at least a little bit daily. Weather was mild, about 77⁰F, supposed to rain a bit later today. If the clouds are any indication, hail would not surprise me. I still prefer that to the higher heat we had earlier this week.

#walksafari –  critters seen were the usual ducks, Canadian geese, a few cute little cardinals, four or five squirrels, a groundhog, and a buzzing bug or three. No bigger critters, I am guessing the deer will come out after the rain.

Sisto, pocketnaut and the Glyos version of myself scaled the wall that shows up on our naturecam, spotted a blue tailed skink sunning on the top of the wall, but it scrambled off before I could get a photo.

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