Day 17 – ghoul

Day 17 – ghoul

Ghouls are a toughie for me, because I like multiple things that count as ghouls in fiction and gaming. The Fallout series, H. P.  Lovecraft, GURPS, Edgar Allan Poe… They all have different takes.

I guess my mental version is close to most, a human flesh eating monster that lives mostly underground, mostly solitary life, considered hideous by people because of their diet and likely rough appearance. Likely have long fingernails, sharp teeth, but could possibly pass for a rough human in the shadows or with some sort of glamour.

I briefly played one in GURPS fantasy back in the day, but those guys didn’t usually kill their food, they just acted like buzzards and did cleanup on battlefields, areas ravaged by plague, and occasionally graveyards in times of peace and general good health, preferring the corpses to be a week old or so for optimum ghoul nutrition. I think the ghoul only stuck around for one play session or so, before either the caravan game sputtered out.

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