Mar 31 2024

Day 20,146

Reading some Silver Age comics, I stumbled upon the Spider-Man villain Mysterio (pardon the pun). I realized that I drew his gloves completely wrong; I forgot about the angular-styled gas gloves.

It might be fun to recolor it to make it more of a black light poster. I never did see the Spider-Man movie(s?) that featured him… even though he is in my top three baddies with Sandman and Doc Ock.

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Mar 29 2024 doodle

Day 20,144

I saw a neat picture and figured I’d redraw it in my style.

I think the horses came out okay.

Maybe I’ll give it a few more passes to make it less of a doodle and more of a drawing. I have always preferred a cone beam to a cylinder.

It might be time to go back and play some Red Dead Redemption 2 again.

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Journal mar 29 2024

Spoke to DC for a few minutes today. Apparently, he has drunk the Kennedy Jr. Flavor-Aid. He has gone down a misinformation rabbit hole from which forces greater than I will have to pull him.

He is still teaching at a private school, and we both spoke briefly about the old days of gaming, being old dudes (he is eight years older than me) with individual health concerns. We remained friendly or at least civil when it came to our differing beliefs and candidates. I imagine that 45 is going to take Florida’s vote anyway, and his and JC’s votes really wouldn’t turn the tide either way. I caught him up on Pearl and life in Virginia, talked about how proud I am of BHK’s work, and I think we had a pretty good time. He told me about his student gaming group, mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: the Gathering, but some old-school Dungeons & Dragons in there as well.

Overall, I am quite disappointed in his mindset, but I am not surprised. No one should get all their information from social media, and his situation is even worse since he gets all of his information filtered through a private religious school and his spouse, who also believes that there really are Nigerian princes looking to share millions, that prosperity doctrine works, and that colloidal silver is some kind of wonder drug.

Florida has a concerning trend of misleading its people into joining anti-vaccination and anti-women’s health movements. It is regrettable that these guys, who are otherwise known for their kindness and generosity, fall victim to such misinformation. Fortunately, their influence is limited, preventing further escalation of the situation. However, it is disheartening to consider the possibility of one of them facing serious health consequences due to their misguided beliefs, and worse, treatment or lack thereof afterward.

This is probably the first time I’ve spoken to him since we moved to Virginia. I often come away feeling a bit sad, but what can I do? I only talk to him maybe yearly or every other year, and there are good spirits to be had too.

Mar 28 2024

Day 20,143, regarding day 20,154.

The early afternoon of April 8, 2024, if you are in my neck of the woods. I don’t know where our eclipse glasses from 2017 are, probably at the old house. Next lunar eclipse for me is about a year from now, in 351 days, next solar eclipse after this one is in 75 years and 169 days…. might not make it to that one.

2nd image via (you can enter your own region to get specifics for your locale)

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Mar 25 2025

Day 20,140

Two of my favorite things mashed together are today’s prompt – The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Mushroom! Kudos @borolina_illustration for that, and all the choices.

Yesterday was a toughie for me, I’m glad that I doodled this one out back a little while ago, when I first saw the prompt list posted.i intended to put some background in, but I was so wiped out on pain meds and general ugh that white space won out.

Creech is one of my big “fiddle and fix” challenges, both him and ben Grimm’s head require me to look at models before drawing, because of all the odd, “gorilla-ish but not quite” features to be drawn. I almost always get the brow and mouth wrong for lil creech. Thankfully, a whole lot of references exist for both.

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