I’m home, and the AC is dead, Newton is here and lovey. (Keeping comfy on top of the porcelain potty-tank lid my boy’s a smartie. :))

Pretty warm in here, but not too bad, baby 10 degrees hotter than I like it. I’m glad it’s not late July, and that it is raining…still, no hot food for me tonight… iced tea, orange juice and a big bowl of cold cereal. 🙂

I’m going to take a cool shower after eating, and then catch up on my reading. Maybe I’ll turn on the cam, too, so folks can watc hme and Newt wilt in the heat. 😉

well, it’s raining, and my ride is about 10 minutes away, to whisk me home. 🙂

I’m incredibly antsy today, maybe I’ll transcribe some of my writing tests to the journal… I’ll see what this evening brings.

I feel poorly. I can’t wait to get home to (hopefully) a fixed ac and a lovey newton…. I’m still a bit anxious about my sweetheart, too.

I worry about my loves. I want them to be happy, healthy and comfortable.

These little critters are kind of creepy & kind of cool. H.P. Lovecraft meets Terence McKenna.

One of the things I love about the web is you find things like this, and then you realize someone took the time to do this & put it up on a website. I sometimes hear my grandmother’s voice in my head: “From this he makes a living?” I imagine people from a century ago would be amazed and confounded (and probably impressed) at the amount of strange little things you can find on the Internet.


Hot hot hot.

I woke up early this morning after a fitful sleep, and thought that I had a fever…woke up in a sweat. It turnes out that the more reasonable explanation is that I’ve been worried about my sweetheart feeling ok, and my air conditioner died sometime last night/early this morning.

I called the landlord, and have cranked all the fans in the house to full. Newton will be fine, since it’s a little cooler, but it’s still a bit warm for me to be puttering around there. So, I sent some anniversary trinkets of happiness to my beloved… (should be there by 3pm tomorrow… officially one year ago tomorrow we will have met.)

I’m now at work, in the netroom surfing, and waiting for my sweetie to pop online.