Flipping through a book of maps
I come to rest on one of a land not so far from here, a place I’ve never been.
The location has a simple name, one that might make a good one for a pet.
I can see the home of the one I care most for, near the bay, not so far from a lighthouse.

I touch that point on the page, and feel the pulse of my finger there
beating, my heart-rate pressing in slow beats over her city
the tip warming with blood and love, I raise the pointer to my lips and kiss it softly,
imagining that she’s there, a tiny amoeba inside a ridge of my fingerprint.

my hand brushes along the page,
tracing a footpath along the beach with her
walking with shoes off watching the sea lap the shore.
a place where we would warm a bench, play horseshoes.

she could point out the old barn
the big tree in the field
a friendly horse or two
the place where she sings sometimes with her friends.

the sky is gray there, now
air getting cold, wind kicking up
I give her my jacket and my arm
the feeling of her close to me is better than anything else imaginable.

Everything I see reminds me of her
how she’d react, what she’d say
expressions, sounds, scents and emotions.
She touches every cell of my being, permeating, lightening me.

Did laundry today, again at the Mat-o-confrontation. 🙂

The dryer 3 over from mine was broken, and somebody’s sheets and aprons caught fire… I don’t know if it was because of the dryer, or something rubber or plastic in there, but when they opened the thing up, the onrush of air ignited the hot things in there, filling the whole ‘mat with smoke. Fortunately I had already folded my clothes and was waiting out front for my ride.

For dinner… I’m making scrambled cheese-eggs, toast, and veggie links. Ketchup will be involved.

My sweetie is out and about tonight, but should be back at a reasonable hour…I hope she’s doing ok, with her ickie sickies out in the cold.

Hmm… shall I read as I eat? or be lazy and do the simpler tv?

Stuff I’ve learned, or been reminded of these last 12 months.

Things I believed in a year ago that I don’t right now.

Karma, especially enforced karma.
People are basically good. (Some are but I don’t feel it’s the norm. I feel it’s more environment than nature. Man is a savage creature.)

Things I believe right now, that I didn’t have as good a grasp on this time last year.

Innate Evil in Everyone, and Society & Law is needed to contain it. (When left to his own devices, man will seek the most selfish way, not the most kind or beneficial for the whole)
Mercy is vital, perhaps more so than Justice, as it’s not my place to be the judge.

Things I still believe

Be Nice… it doesn’t matter if they’re nice back.
Don’t bother arguing past the point of reason with a stupid person
Some people will not accept what I find to be reasonable or common sense to be such.
The opinions of folks I don’t care about don’t matter.

I want to find these peeps for halloween On a lighter note, I bet would like some of these! MMmmMMm Marshmallow sugar black cats! found at http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com , of course.


Holy Cow… it’s red dog the pirate guy!!

Arrr! Young Jim! Who be yer pally now, that the treasure be found?


An eyepatch. Good lord, how much more stereotypically villainous is this going to get? Next thing we’ll be seeing footage of women tied to train tracks while the Al Qaeda twirl their moustaches.