meeting tomorrow, I get to go in early to talk about health insurance and why my raise wasn’t on this week’s check. I’ll be there, instead of hanging out with my sweetie from 11 to noon.

I hope it lets out before the roach coach comes by. the soda machine is not taking bills again. besides, I want a big honking iced tea or two.

did I ever mention that it actually plays “la cucaracha” on the horn when it pulls up?

Bringing letters into work tomorrow to scan. Maybe I can write a griffin & sabine sort of story out of ’em?

Reflections –

Every time I go out and immerse myself in nature – camping, hiking, climbing (Ha! like I do any climbing – let’s say “meandering” instead. Yeah, that’s it. Meandering through nature.) – I am always struck by just how paltry my own imagination is compared to the majesty of the world’s real, living scenery.

And yet, I’m still sometimes, somehow disappointed that there are no goblins scuttering around in the underbrush, or that the half-buried boulders are not, in fact, the knucklebones of slumbering giants. (Or… are they?)

moil / zelig

moil MOIL, intransitive verb:
1. To work with painful effort; to labor; to toil; to drudge.
2. To churn or swirl about continuously.

1. Toil; hard work; drudgery.
2. Confusion; turmoil.

Moil comes from Middle English moillen, “to soak, to wet,” hence “to soil, to soil one’s hands, to work very hard,” from Old French moillier, “to soften, especially by making wet,” ultimately from Latin mollis, “soft.”

Zelig (ZEL-ig) noun

A chameleon-like person who appears to be present everywhere.

[After Leonard Zelig, hero of the 1983 movie Zelig by Woody Allen.]

I’m near the FT lauderdale Int’l airport.

Not a bird or plane in the sky…not even the goodyear blimp. very strange. almost unreal.

side note – it’s a tribute to the new servers that LJ can handle this workload…or is everyone on news sites instead?

A request to all. I just came across something constructive that could be done in the current situation. Possibly the only constructive thing possible for most people.

If you are anywhere on the East Coast, go and give blood. Emergency Rooms all over New England are likely to need it. The blood supply is going to be severely impacted by this I imagine.

I got to work early, and it turns out we’re shutting down. Post office is closed, all the federal buildings we’re connected to is closed.

Nothing to do, so back to the apartment I go, as soon as I polish off this last test. I should be heading back to the house in the next hour or less.

Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Navy planned the attack on Pearl Harbor and said after the attack, “I fear all we have done is to wake a sleeping giant.”

I really, really hope that whatever retribution happens is just and well thought out.

I worry for the lives of innocents everywhere…I hope that those that did this are dealt with, and those that had no part are left unharmed.