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Scotto’s Hateful/Distasteful Things

running out of hot water in the shower
unfulfilling food (Tasteless Produce for example)
people who think they’re brilliant, but aren’t.
paper cuts
folks with no sense of humor
circular arguments
high school level politics on LJ or at work
wearing neckties
melted slurpee
casual profanity
newsprint stains on fingers
software that only works “sometimes”
$.35 pay phones, without a dollar bill changer
tardy taxicabs
off-schedule buses
public toilets with ‘leftovers’ inside
bars with music too loud to converse
home-based e-mail spam of “this is sooooo funny” incoming a dozen times
hot Gatorade
toilets with no lids to shut pre-flush
insect bites
“reality” TV
badly handled firearms
greasy/sticky floors
folks in communications industry, that can’t communicate.

What harshes your mellow ?

Going out for a few…

Danny just called up, and invited me to go to his school’s volleyball game… leaving about 3ish.. I should be back around 6 tonight. I haven’t been to an event like that for a while…more in it for getting together and gabbing with ol’ Danski on the ride over. He’s going dancing with the Mrs this evening.

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Primary colors

1. Black on
White on Brown
2. Black on
Brown on Yellow
Yellow on Black
Brown on White
White on Blue
Yellow on Brown
Yellow on Blue
Red on White
Green on White
Yellow on Red
Blue on Yellow
Red on Yellow
White on Green
White on Red

considering ideas for my website

“All that we see, or seem is but a dream within a dream” – Poe


troglodyte TROG-luh-dyt, noun:

1. A member of a primitive people that lived in caves, dens, or holes; a cave dweller.
2. One who is regarded as reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.

Troglodyte comes from Latin Troglodytae, a people said to be cave dwellers, from Greek Troglodytai, from trogle, “a hole” + dyein, “to enter.” The adjective form is troglodytic.

I know it’s not as uncommon as some of the words, but I really like it.

Walkies called on account of rain.

Chances of center of the hurricane passing within 65 nautical miles of listed locations through 7am EST Tue Nov 6 2001


Looks pretty safe for me… want to track paths?,1941,oso-intmap,00.html

check out andrew in the 1992 archive. yipe!