Got super powers? Self-testing before my brother comes over to gab.

Origin of Powers Your Superpowers are derived from the deliberate experimentation on your body with various chemicals by aliens. The experiment was intended to alter and improve your body. An unknown factor has produced staggering results, and cannont be duplicated. You currently have an amicable relationship with those that created you. They allowed you to leave without conflict.

Side Effects Becoming a superhuman has changed you in many ways. You suffer from the following side effects. You now have six times the normal amount of body hair, which practically resembles fur.

Powers Your minor powers are Super Vision: Advanced Sight, and Extraordinary Mental Endurance. – paper space toys you can make.

Day after Thanksgiving factoid… estimated american christmas spending this year, per household – $462. (Down form $490, last year)

About how much are you planning to spend this holiday?