nothing to do with thanksgiving, but…

restaurant by the beach So sometimes I’ll go walking late at night because the path down by the beach is empty and because it’s nice and cool and because I ate half a medium pizza at nine and I have to wait that long for it to wear off. That late, there’s not a lot on the radio except lonely talk show hosts crying into the night like crazed loons, so I tune to the Korean language station that I can pick up on AM, far on the left of the dial. (Is there FM talk radio?)

I don’t speak a word of Korean, but the rhythms are interesting and I like the rolly sound of the language. It sets a pace.

There’s one talk show that I particularly enjoy. The host just let’s his callers ramble on and on and on, sometimes for my entire walk, adding only a soft “Nehhh” every few seconds. I imagine that it’s a “Yes, yes, go on” sound, but he says it so softly and with such regularity that when he actually comes right out and says something rolly back at the caller, you almost stumble over that little dog that’s wandered in front of you.

I also like watching Spanish language TV, but that’s just because it’s scary and alien, and has Erik Estrada.

Minor Evil News –

What the ?!: Man shoots, decapitates pet pony
Cops believe the hunter mistook Sunday, a 3-year-old’s pet, for a bear and chopped off her head to hide the bullet evidence.

repletion from nutriments … *burp*

repletion (rih-PLEE-shun), noun:
1. The condition of being completely filled or supplied.

2. Excessive fullness, as from overeating.

Repletion is derived from Latin replere, “to fill again, to fill up,” from re- + plere, ” to fill.” Plenty is a related word.

nutriment (NOO-truh-ment, NYOO-) noun

A substance that provides nourishment; food.

[From Middle English, eventually from Latin nutrimentum, from nutrire (to nourish).]

Happy Thanksgiving!