This morning's evil news.

Monster Under Bed Is Real
For a 2-year-old Treemont toddler, the monsters she heard go bump in the night in her room this week were not the product of an overactive imagination. Instead, the monster she told her mother about was actually a burglar who had broken into the family’s home – an intruder who was still hiding in the shadows when her mother came to console her.

Terrorist Attacks Fake Ducks
A dispute over hunting territory has landed a Muscatine man in jail on terrorism charges…

The argument ended with Roggenbauer pointing his shotgun at the other hunters in a threatening manner and then shooting at their duck decoys, Matthews said.

The Source Of Every Crazy’s Letter, Consultants
KPMG, an international business consulting firm, prides itself on its “e-business” savvy, and it charges companies boatloads to improve their Web-based businesses.

But this week several website owners were wondering whether KPMG’s Internet acumen was really worth anything at all, as it announced a policy that seemed to breach the most basic freedom on the Web — the freedom to link to any site you want to.

In a letter to a consultant in Britain who runs a personal website that has not been especially nice to KPMG, the company said it had discovered a link on his site to, and that the website owner, Chris Raettig, should “please be aware such links require that a formal Agreement exist between our two parties, as mandated by our organization’s Web Link Policy.”

The letter added that Raettig should feel free to arrange this “Web Link Agreement” with KPMG, but that until he has done so, he should remove his link to the company’s homepage.

heh… I put a link to it before, but it’s funny that wired picked it up.

Comic Strip Pulled For Sucking, Not For Espousing Religion
Beginning Monday, the B.C. comic strip no longer will appear on the daily comics page, though it still will run on Sundays.

The Johnny Hart strip has been the object of more comic criticism than any other. The chief complaint: Mr. Hart not very subtly uses it to espouse his religious beliefs, which readers would prefer he keep private.

It’s not the controversy, however, but the lagging quality of the jokes that led to the move, said Ms. Tuckwood. “We didn’t kill B.C. because of Johnny Hart’s occasional religious cartoons. We don’t mind controversy. What we don’t enjoy is comics that aren’t funny, and B.C. seems to be slipping, so we’re giving it a rest.”

Florida Simply Can’t Count
Fort Pierce’s closest-ever city commission election isn’t over yet.

A manual recount of ballots will begin at 9 a.m. today at the request of the two losers in Tuesday’s election.

Tuesday night Coke led 865-864, but Wednesday’s recount changed it to 866 for Coke and 863 for Kramer.

“Based on the closeness of the vote and the change in totals, we request a hand recount,” Wallace T. “Toby” Long, Kramer’s campaign treasurer, told commissioners.

Snowboarder Loses Clothing Sponsor; Thinks She Has To Compete Naked
An Austrian snowboarder who failed to secure a sponsor for her competition gear this season has decided to throw caution to the wind and compete in just a pair of panties and bra.

“Without a clothing sponsor there is nothing else I can do,” the one-time World Cup race winner Sabrina Blassnig told the Austrian extreme sports Web site

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