In answer to mskaren911‘s trivia challenge – from A Brief History of Wedding Traditions

Saving the Top Tier
The tradition is to save the top tier of your cake to eat on your first anniversary. This custom dates back to olden days in England when all wedding cakes were fruitcakes and the cake was saved for the christening of the couple’s first child. Clearly, a butter-based cake is not intended to last in a home freezer for a year. I don’t recommend it but if you’re determined to save your cake, here’s how to do it. Freeze the cake until solid, wrap in a couple layers of plastic wrap then a couple layers of heavy-duty foil. Put in the back of your freezer or a deep freeze and hope for no power failures. And don’t expect much on your first anniversary (at least when it comes to the year old cake).

I like the Bridesmaids legend, myself… Not only do they wear ugly (in comparison to the bride) outfits, but they’re demon bait!

Fruitcake for wedding cake? Bleh. I wonder how my sweetie feels about ice-cream cake? 🙂

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Zoinks. Already!

Hmm… Apparently I missed some major drama at work yesterday. Lucky Me! I imagine I’ll hear about it today…and the Net’s still down. That’s pretty pesky, really. Livable, mind you, with dial-up speeds, transferring files is sloooow.

Newto’s Birthday is coming up this Saturday… I can’t believe he’s going to be three. He’s the best color for a Halloween kitty, short of black.