Well, groovy. Got my new check card finally… now I just have to wait while paypal takes a day or three to deposit a little into my account,

Traffic’s heavy tonight… I’ll probably hold off on scoping out the haunted tunnel until Sunday, late. I wonder how the other spook-hunts are going this evening?

Someone’s burning something made of a fragrant wood outside… the air smells nice. I hear a light rain just starting, too… or maybe it’s just wind through the trees.

Taking a break, and kicking back. Tomorrow, my only duty is to do laundry…I’m going to try to get in by 10 and out of there by noon-ish.

Off to relax and chill. Nighters, dear journal.


“Put my thang down, flip it and reverse it. Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup!”

Smacking crabs with a yo-yo is a good way to start the day. Froggy-fly eating is good too.

Friday, again. Was Halloween already over a week ago? Are the ACC expo and Thanksgiving really looming up ahead so soon? That Means that not so far away lies Christmas… the start of a new year, and my birthday. This year hasn’t totally screamed by, but it is speeding along at a good clip right now. I’m still stunned that Newt’s three, and that I’ve known my sweetheart for more than two… it seems like I’ve had them in my life for longer and shorter than that at the same time.

Newton J. Underfoot doesn’t like frosted cheerios, but he’ll happily scarf up the milk-dregs. He doesn’t go for the Honey-nut afters, though. He’s in “Trip Scotto Up” mode. Nearly knocked me off of my pins twice this morning.

More linkie-doodoo

Alex Toth has a personal site… interesting to see the guy responsible for the art of space ghost / herculoids / super friends talking about how he draws handwritten and scanned onto a web page.

Killer Squirrels on the loose. – Featuring Dr. Booty of Knutsford.

Zoological Bloopers and Practical Jokes. Strange Science is a great little page of missteps in the classification and illustration of exotic and extinct animals. It’s hard to classify all the links; some are dinosaur goofs, some are just poor depictions of animals from the time before photographs. Most are fascinating. Folks thinking that elephant skulls were cyclops remains is an interesting observation. I didn’t even know that there were ellies in the Mediterranean.

O.J. Simpson’s bad driving habits and legal problems extend beyond the Earth. Eschewing a white Bronco for a speedboat, the ex-football star and acquitted murder suspect was on Wednesday–for a brief time, at least–a wanted man for terrorizing a bunch of manatees in the waters off the coast of Florida.

Cats wearing hats. No way would Newt put up with that for more than .00005 seconds.