Monday, November 8, 2021

Social distancing day 605,

#bogsafari report- several squirrels, fluffernutter kitty, three cardinals, and a mosquito on my right ring finger were the most obvious beauties this morning.

Fluffernutter was enjoying the sun too much to come hang out, so I waved at him from the side of the road and kept walking.

No humans on my primary #swampwalk walk, but I did swing by the post office where a couple of dingdongs were blocking the entrance while not wearing masks. Sent off the translucent torso and heads to my friend on the glyos discord, and included a couple of fun resin goodies just for the heck of it. I hope he gets some enjoyment out of all of the bits. I might have been more reluctant to send parts off if they were arms or legs, but I can surely spare a torso and pelvis.

Trees outside are still losing coverage slowly. The orange and yellow is more visible, but not at full pop . The sugar maples up the road are far more vibrant, but they are usually the first to show real color.

#walkabout #streamofthought #glyos #modulartoys #onelldesign #autumn #orange #yellow #swamp

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