Saturday, November 13, 2021 supplemental

These little red army man dudes from #banimon are pretty keen! Not sure which colorway is my face, but this two tone is pretty sweet. You can rearrange the parts in a very impressive number of ways for such a little guy. He is about one inch / 25 mm tall, compared to sisto (battletribes standard) who is about triple that. Pretty frickin’ adorable. I also got standard green army man color, some desert sand ones and a Darth Vader looking black one. Each comes with the head shown here and a sort of deaths head “banigoth” helmet, and a bunch of little bits. Highly reccomend. The paint is very good, love the face and tampo star!

#glyos #banimon #modulartoys #toyphotography #toystagram #armymen #plasticguns #giantsword #blue #orange #star #25mm #1inchscale

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