Christmas haul 2022

A comedy of bounty.

Gift card and sweet n spicy trail mix and moose munch – mom

Card from derek
Card from Danny

Mysterium board game
Quacks of quedlinburg board game
Lego bonsai tree

Card from tettimers
Atari 50th anniversary for ps5
John Severins billy the kid
Lego big eye doctor strange
Tshirt man thing and werewolf by night
Tshirt hellfire club
Assorted nature finder books
Creepy bonus lego for haunted house
Chocolate pretzels
Minifigure grab bags
The watch DVD (pratchett)
Trash soldiers resign figures
Custom dice – pumpkin,  mushroom, and misc
Minifigure- nutcracker, popcorn, knight, dragon, bigbadwolf, deer

Big tin of cheetos
2 jars of nuts. Cashews and mixed
Plague tale requiem
John severin bio
Hot sauce sampler
Cherry cordials
Wifi plugs
Mickey mouse pez
Bumblebee figure
Marvel legends
Ben grimm
Amazing fantasy spidey
Moon knight

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