The old man introduces himself

Dispatches from the Old Man on Little Brushy Mountain, with mentions of Mrs Bear, Madcat, Paw Brr and Maw Brr

Now that we have begun settlement here, I suppose that it might be a nice diversion to record events as they happen or revealed to me.

This being Radon country,  we consulted a local mitigation company to test and to make sure our home is able to stay well within safe levels,  given that Radon is the #2 cause of lung cancer after cigarettes.

My first meal in our happy hut was quite a fast food feast, a double impossible whopper with cheese, pickle, ketchup and mayo, a can of Dr. Pepper Zero from the fridge, large Burger King onion rings and a large McDonald’s fries.  (Paw and Maw Brr hit McDonald’s, as it is not far from the BK. Sadly, or possibly fortunately for me,  the shake machine was broken, so no Shamrock, Oreo Strawberry or Chocolate goodness for me… this time.)


Local Cryptid for today is The Bunny Man.

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