I was wondering where he was.

Hey guys, remember me?

Hello again.

Doing more straightening in the garage and on the Salon (red room? Game room?) And I stumbled upon this little guy. Probably one of my favorite mixed onell builds, with a side of a vest taken from Playmobil Marty Mcfly (I think?)

I like the idea of this droid using a thigh piece as his head, and I stole the idea for “fist as pelvis piece” from @little.bot , I think. The powder blue reminds me of my first car, the ol’ Grand Torino 4 door, hardtop. (Not a 2 door Red like on starsky and hutch)

Good to see this little guy back out and about. All I have to do now is continue to unpack items, and no doubly Sisto and Harold will appear soon enough.

#onelldesign #glyos #glyoscompatible #modulartoys #howdy #playmobil #toystagram #toyphotography #375inch

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