Phew, hot walk

Journal Entry – July 5, 2023

I really wanted to get in the water with that goose.

Today I decided to take a walk along the Roanoke River Greenway, a scenic trail that follows the river for miles. It was a very hot day, with the temperature reaching 89 degrees Fahrenheit. I felt the sweat dripping from my forehead and arms as I walked, but I also enjoyed the breeze from the water and the shade from the trees. Thankfully, there was very little humidity and a decent amount of shade.

I saw a few geese swimming in the river, honking at each other and occasionally diving for food. They seemed to be having a good time, despite the heat. I wondered what they thought of the humans who shared their habitat.

As I continued walking, I spotted something colorful on a rock near the trail. It was a painted rock, one of those that people leave for others to find and enjoy. It had a cheerful shellacked spongebob sticker on it.I smiled and picked it up, feeling a surge of gratitude and happiness. It was the first painted rock that I had seen in a long time, and it brightened my day.

I decided to keep the rock as a souvenir of my walk, and also as a reminder of the kindness of strangers. I felt inspired to paint my own rock someday soon and leave it for someone else to find. Maybe I could make someone else’s day a little better, too.

After walking for about an hour, I returned home, feeling pretty much exhausted. I drank some water,  took a shower, and then collapsed on the couch. I was tired, but also satisfied with my walk. It was a good way to spend a summer day.

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Salem painted pig

The Salem Painted Pig is looking very patriotic this week! Last week it was pretty much painted solid silver. This little guy has been a tradition long since before I first visited. Sadly, it seems the hobby shop has since gone out of business, but they continue to keep an eye on it.

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Here are some pictures of the pig from ages past!