July 10 2023

Journal Entry: July 10, 2023 (social distancing day 1214, new residence day 91)

The Greenway was my destination today, a ribbon of green that wound through the city, following the course of the Roanoke river. A refuge from the noise and bustle of the streets, a sanctuary for the creatures that made it their home. I joined them for an hour, walking among the geese that grazed on the grass or floated on the water. They paid me no mind, secure in their domain. I envied them their ease, their grace, their freedom. I took the opportunity to drop off the SpongeBob stone I picked up at a different point last time, and will look to see if it moves next visit.

The sun was high and hot, but not oppressive. A breeze caressed my skin, bringing relief and freshness. I looked up at the sky, a clear and brilliant blue, and then at the horizon, where the mountains rose like jagged teeth. They circled the city, enclosing it in a bowl of stone and earth. They were witnesses to its history, its triumphs and tragedies, its changes and challenges. They were guardians of its secrets, its dreams, its hopes.

I felt a connection to this place, this landscape, this moment. I walked with a steady pace, feeling the rhythm of my steps, the beat of my heart, the flow of my breath. I listened to the sounds of nature, the river’s murmur, the birds’ song, the rustle of leaves. I smelled the scent of life, the grass, the flowers, the earth. I smiled with gratitude, with joy, with peace. It was a simple but meaningful way to spend my afternoon. I’m glad I did it.

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