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Spinmaster Batman vs Swamp thing armory attack batcycle arrived unexpectedly yesterday! Thank you for the treat, @maximillian_deersteak!

Bruce, are you nuts, my guy? Have you ever won a fight with Swampy?

Now, you get style points for the heavily batmanified cycle… I dig the callback to the batmobile on the front, and the bat-tire tread. However, I suspect that it will take more than a dash-mounted crossbow and a couple of missiles to take down a plant elemental. I suspect as a billionaire, you’re doing more to hurt him by hurting the green at large. How much toxic waste is the Wayne foundation’s child corporations dumping illicitly?

The Swamp thing figure comes with a leafy/viney battle-axe, both 4-inch scale figures are extremely well articulated, neck, shoulder, elbow, , thighs, knees, with some 360 and some regular hinges. There is a nice paint and sculpt detail throughout. Batman has a cloth cape, paints are skin tone, all white eyes, gold and silver details with large areas of gray on black plastic. Swampy has a nice range of browns and green paints on a forest green body, with red painted eyes. General sculpt looks a bit like the new 52 design chummed up with maybe a touch of Bruce Timm? Very Burly, not as misshapen as I picture him, but a very fine addition to my recent mob of muck men.

The weapons are set up in a pretty neat modular configuration, can be attached to various ports on the bike and interesting pistol adapter handgrips.

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Comic panels from swamp thing vol 1 #7

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