The first few to come to mind

Character,Secret Identity,Publisher,Year,Where
Animal Man,Buddy Baker,DC Comics,1965,Strange Adventures #180
Ant Man,Hank Pym,Marvel Comics,1962,Tales to Astonish #27
Beast,Henry McCoy,Marvel Comics,1963,X-Men #1
Bigfoot,Unknown,Cryptozoology,—,Legends and Folklore
Bionic Woman,Jaime Sommers,Universal Television,1976,The Six Million Dollar Man (TV series)
Buckaroo Banzai,Dr. Buckaroo Banzai,Adventure Comics,1984,The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (film)
Chessie,Unknown,Folklore,—,Chesapeake and Ohio Railway advertising
Clayface,Matt Hagen,DC Comics,1951,Detec
Columbo,Frank Columbo,Universal Television,1968,Prescription: Murder (TV movie)
Cornelius,Cornelius,Gold Key/Comics Scene,1970,Planet of the Apes #1
Cookie Monster,Unknown,Sesame Workshop,1969,Sesame Street
Crazy Jane,Kay Challis,DC Comics,1989,Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #19
Creature from the Black Lagoon,Uncle Gil,Universal Pictures,1954,Creature from the Black Lagoon (film)
Darkman,Peyton Westlake,Universal Pictures,1990,Darkman (film)
Doctor Doom,Victor Von Doom,Marvel Comics,1962,Fantastic Four #5
Doctor Mid-Nite,Dr. Charles McNider,DC Comics,1941,All-American Comics #25
Doctor Strange,Stephen Strange,Marvel Comics,1963,Strange Tales #110
D&D Monster – Xorn,Unknown,Wizards of the Coast,1977,Dungeons & Dragons (role-playing game)
D&D Monster – Mimic,Unknown,Wizards of the Coast,1977,Dungeons & Dragons (role-playing game)
Easy Reader,Unknown,PBS,1971,The Electric Company
Evil,Unknown,HandMade Films,1981,Time Bandits (film)
Fabulous Frog-Man,Eugene Patilio,Marvel Comics,1982,Spectacular Spider-Man #81
Flaming Carrot,Unknown,Visions Publishing,1979,Visions Magazine #1
Galactus,Galen,Marvel Comics,1966,Fantastic Four #48
Gelatinous Cube,Unknown,Wizards of the Coast,1974,Dungeons & Dragons (role-playing game)
Gentleman Ghost,Jim Craddock,DC Comics,1965,Justice League of America #42
Godzilla,Unknown,Toho Co. Ltd.,1954,Godzilla (1954 film)
Green Lantern,Alan Scott,DC Comics,1940,All-American Comics #16
Howard the Duck,Howard Duckson,Marvel Comics,1973,Adventure into Fear #19
Hulk,Bruce Banner,Marvel Comics,1962,The Incredible Hulk #1
Jim Rockford,Jim Rockford,Universal Television,1974,The Rockford Files (TV series)
Jonah Hex,Jonah Hex,DC Comics,1972,All-Star Western #10
Kamandi,Kamandi,DC Comics,1972,Kamandi #1
King Kong,Unknown,RKO Pictures,1933,King Kong (1933 film)
Machine Man,X-51,Marvel Comics,1977,2001: A Space Odyssey #8
Man-Thing,Dr. Theodore Sallis,Marvel Comics,1971,Savage Tales #1
Manphibian,Unknown,Marvel Comics,1973,The Defenders #94
Metamorpho,Rex Mason,DC Comics,1965,The Brave and the Bold #57
Miguelito Loveless,Dr. Miguelito Loveless,Warner Bros.,1965,The Wild Wild West (TV series)
Mirror Master,Sam Scudder,DC Comics,1959,The Flash #105
Mimic,Calvin Rankin,Marvel Comics,1966,X-Men #19
Moon Knight,Marc Spector,Marvel Comics,1975,Werewolf by Night #32
Mr. Roper,Stanley Roper,Universal Television,1977,Three’s Company (TV series)
Mr. Rogers,Fred Rogers,PBS,1968,Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
Mr. Spock,Spock,Gold Key/Comics Scene,1967,Star Trek #1
Plastic Man,Patrick “Eel” O’Brian,Quality/DC Comics,1941,Police Comics #1
Red Bee,Rick Raleigh,Quality Comics,1940,Hit Comics #1
Red Skull,Johann Schmidt,Marvel Comics,1941,Captain America Comics #7
Riddler,Edward Nygma,DC Comics,1948,Detective Comics #140
Robotman,Cliff Steele,DC Comics,1963,My Greatest Adventure #80
Rowlf,Unknown,Muppet Studios,1962,The Jimmy Dean Show
Sandman,Flint Marko,Marvel Comics,1963,Amazing Spider-Man #4
Sandman,Wesley Dodds,DC Comics,1939,Adventure Comics #40
Shade the Changing Man,Rac Shade,DC Comics,1977,Shade the Changing Man #1
Snoopy,Unknown,Peanuts Worldwide,1950,Peanuts (comic strip)
Spider-Man,Peter Parker,Marvel Comics,1962,Amazing Fantasy #15
Stilt-Man,Wilbur Day,Marvel Comics,1965,Daredevil #8
Swamp Thing,Dr. Alec Holland,DC Comics,1971,House of Secrets #92
Tawky Tawny,Theodore Tawny,DC Comics,1947,Captain Marvel Adventures #79
The Amazing Android,A.M.A.Z.O.,DC Comics,1961,Justice League of America #55
The Shadow,Kent Allard,Street & Smith Publications,1931,Detective Story Magazine
The Tick,Nick,New England Comics,1986,New England Comics Newsletter #14
Thing,Ben Grimm,Marvel Comics,1961,Fantastic Four #1
Wolf Man,Lawrence Talbot,Universal Pictures,1941,The Wolf Man (film)
Ziggy Quantum Leap,Unknown,King Features Syndicate

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