Toy haul July 12, 2023

Swamp thing, you make my heart sing

I felt a surge of joy as I returned from my afternoon stroll, clutching a bag of treasures that spoke to my inner child. They were not mere toys, but relics of a bygone era, when imagination ran wild and heroes came in all shapes and sizes. I had found them in a hidden gem of a store, tucked away in a corner of the city, where nostalgia reigned supreme and every shelf was an adventure.

The Basement, as it was aptly named, was more than a comic shop. It was a museum, a sanctuary, a playground for the curious and the passionate. The owner, Justyn, was a kindred spirit, who knew the stories and histories of every item in his vast collection. He was generous and fair, offering me a bargain for the eclectic ensemble I had picked out.

I laid them out on my desk, admiring their details and quirks. There were three Swamp Things, each five inches tall, with different expressions and poses. There was a Hammerhead figure from Star Wars, with his shifty eyes and weirdly shaped noggin. There was a Plastic Man from McDonald’s, with his bendy limbs and goofy goggles. There was a Spectre from Brave and the Bold, with his ghostly green cloak and eerie white glow. And there was a mini Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, with his rocky skin and gruff attitude.

They were welcomed by Harold, a long time regular glyos carry-along creature. He was the guardian of the House of Pearls, and welcomed the newcomers with a friendly if unintelligible mumble as if to say: “You belong here. You are one of us.”

I smiled, feeling a connection with these misfits and oddballs. They reminded me of myself, of my love for the strange and the wonderful. They were not as popular or mainstream as some, but they had character and charm. They were not realistic or logical, but they had magic and mystery. They were not flesh and bone, but they had life and soul.

I felt grateful for finding them, for finding The Basement, for finding myself there. I felt happy for supporting a local business, for giving back to the community of which I have only recently joined.

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