33 years ago today, give or take

Me, 1990, at a “fart party” at Kevin’s wth Tomi {in 2nd photo}, maybe John, Maybe Karen? Since we were downstairs, I am guessing there were too many of us to hang out in Kev’s room. Not sure what the movie of the evening was. Before my hair grew down to my waist (and then cut to about that length or shorter now), and beard appeared later, when the hair grew long. Back when I wore a watch because I didn’t have a phone with a clock in it. I still like plaid shirts, but mostly wear nerdy tshirts now. Also almost exclusively jeans now, back then from before I was in college, and did not own dungarees for probably another 15 years. I was on my own and got most of my clothes at army-navy surplus shops. I wore almost exclusively high tops, or combat boots for the same reason.

Even during the post college years, I was pretty perpetually broke, working at ether the library, a bookstore, the movie theater or as a bouncer / dormant before I got some computer gigs working on direct mail (postal advertising), and then doing GPS code to at first add street info to satellite maps, and later to help find missing kids, early Amber Alert / CodeRed type stuff. After keyhole got bought out by Google maps, it was made much easier.

I have no idea why I had the Frankenstein haircut at that time, forget how I got haircuts back then. I think it might’ve been Laura? I had my own apartment then, a studio off of the main house in Boca, I think. I had been briefly unhoused, but I rectified that pretty quickly. Maybe it was Shelaigh who cut my hair? It doesn’t matter to anyone but me anyhow. #33yearsago #flashbackfriday #goodolddays #badolddays #doesanyoneunder50callthemdungarees #pizzahut #fartparty #unflatteringphotos

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