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Too sick to draw much more than this right now

Quick Scotto update –

Tl;dr-Had a rough couple of days, but things are getting better now.

More info- The day before yesterday, I had a bad case of the chills, couldn’t keep food down, and was as weak as a kitten. Yesterday, I went to urgent care to get my leg looked at, as I had a hot, tender, red band around my shin, just above my ankle, and extending about 1/3 the way to my knee.

By the time I left urgent care last night, it hurt to walk on that foot. Putting weight on it would be excruciating, and is probably the worst pain I have ever felt where I didn’t pass out. The pain increased along to midnight, and then started to decrease about 4am.

4 doses of antibiotics later, I am doing much better. Leg is still red, but applying ice helps, and keeping it elevated. I can get up and walk to use the restroom without screaming in agony now, which is a plus, especially for Mrs and Pearl.

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